Articles and Reviews

Jenkins, Mark, In the galleries: A rock-and-roll odyssey through sex, race and religion, 12/24/2021

Maenpaa, Matt, Firehouse Art Center premiers Means of Production, Longmont Leader, July 9, 2021

Breuer, Noah, Material Experimentation Award, Surface Design Association Journal, October, 2020

 Rakin-Zrihen, Rachel, Vallejo artist residency explores ironic Holocaust connection, Vallejo Times-Herald, July 9, 2019

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SPACE Reader, SPACE Gallery, Portland, ME, June 27, 2018

Ho, Wuon-Gean, "Future Fusion" Printmaking Today, Winter 2016 issue, p. 21

Hanley, Sarah Kirk, "Dissecting the mechanics of the printed image" Art in Print, March-April 2016, p. 9.

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Breuer, Noah / Lillie, Julia, "Imitation and Illusion: Five Case Studies of Contemporary Printmaking" False Dichotomy Exhibition Essay, May 23, 2016

Books and Catalogues

Breuer, Noah, Wuon Gean Ho: The Heart's Sight, April 18, 2024

Wassaic Project, Now, more than ever. Smmer Exhibition 2020, July, 2020

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Carr, John, "Yo!: what Happened to Peace?" Chamanvision, 2007

Selected Exhibition Listings

Marsh, Rachel, Exhibition News, Printmaking Today, Winter 2023, Issue 128


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Unseemly Creases Exhibition

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Factory Recall at Zughaus Gallery, 2017