*This is a student project*

In the spring of 2021, Auburn University students in my Serigraphy Printmaking course worked collaboratively to design and print a portfolio of 26 screen-prints which reflected on the year 2020 and themes such as the coronavirus pandemic, the presidential election and the Black Lives Matter movement. Students used Chris Burden's 1979 portfolio "The Atomic Alphabet" which examined the political circumstances and psychic resonances of the Cold War, as a conceptual starting point, and created their own alphabet-book-style prints: one image for each alphabet letter. Examples from this project include: "F is for Fauci," "L is for Lonely," "N is for Netflix," "Q is for Quarantine," and "Z is for Zoom." 

Participants: Campbell Anderson, Chancy Cannon, Olivia Floyd, Alex Latorre, Graham Nahikian, Rose Russell, Abby Schmidt, Ella Smith, Rose Williams