This portfolio exchange was organized by Noah Breuer on the occasion of the Mid-America Print Council 2020 Conference at Kent State University. While the conference and the completion of this print exchange have been delayed until 2022 due to the coronavirus, this page documents this group's work (both finished and in-progress) and will be presented as part of the MAPC Remote Symposium: October 17-18, 2020.


In this exchange portfolio, artists were invited to create printed, vertically-hanging banner-flags on paper, fabric or other substrates that broadly relate to the Mid-America Print Council 2020 Conference themes of Resistance and Revolution. Artists were invited to create prints in any medium no larger than 11”x18” and affix their prints with ¼-inch grommets attached to the top corners for hanging. 

Prints could be cut into a variety of shapes in order to reference medieval banners, sports pennants or maritime flags. Because all of the flags are affixed with grommets, they are able to be displayed from a wall by pins or nails or along a horizontal string or hung from the ceiling. Each of these flags reflects the participating artist’s unique take on the MAPC 2020 Conference themes through the lens of identity, community, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, or political agenda. Together, the flags act as a public declaration of the participating artist’s values, beliefs, or aspirations.


Leslie Diuguid

Grayson Cox

Hedya Klein

Mika Aono

Atlan Arceo-Witzl

Leslie Friedman

Syd Webb

Todd Irwin

Kyle Peets

Sarah Smelser

Ethan Brown

Ashlee Mays

Dutes Miller

Michael Neff

Noah Breuer