Team Set is a 40 page, 7x10-inch Artist's book.
Risograph-printed by the artist and bound in green leatherette with foil-stamping on the front and back cover. Published in an Edition of 100 books in 2015 by Small Editions in Brooklyn, NY

The book creates a dream-team lineup of 36 Baseball players. Each page appropriates imagery from Topps brand trading cards from both 1989 and 1990. The composition of each page is a magnified reproduction of cut paper collages the artist created by lasercuting actual baseball cards according to an enlarged halftone dot pattern.

The original Topps cards were printed using a 4-color offset lithography printing method. The card collages Breuer created as the source material for this book were cut following an enlarged outline of a halftone dot pattern.

The compositions in this book (and their card-collage predecessors) attempt to bring the often overlooked and elemental form of the halftone dot to the foreground, making it a central player. By cutting, scanning, reassembling and reprinting, the images in this book have been transformed and rebuilt with some of same methodologies used to create them.
Team Set reviewed in Art in Print